Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

4 stars

Cast: Anthony Barrile, Melanie Kinnaman, Dominick Brascia, Todd Bryant, Curtis Conaway, and Juliette Cummins

Director: Danny Steinmann

Synopsis: Still haunted by his past, Tommy Jarvis – who, as a child, killed Jason Voorhees – wonders if the serial killer is connected to a series of brutal murders occurring in and around the secluded halfway house where he now lives.


Friday the 13th: A New Beginning or Part 5 is the most underrated of the series, mainly because of the end reveal, which doesn’t even bother me. It was something different after Part 4 happened and this contains the best kills. They’re varied, extremely creative and imaginative. In particular, the garden shears kill which is definitely the highlight.

The characters are so unique and different. There is the crazy woman and her biker son, every scene with these two are just hilarious. There is an older Tommy from Part 4, who joins the Halfway House which is where this sequel takes place, and obviously, lets not forget the gorgeous girls, which this series is never short of, like Debisue Voorhees in that iconic kill!

The film in general is far superior and enjoyable than 90% of the series. The definitive score is very clear and noticeable. Also, the design of Jason is different in this, which is suggesting the twist ending before anyone ever saw it! The locations are excellent and watching Tommy develop as he learns to control his nightmares of Jason is something this entrie did differently, it brought something new that keeps the series fresh.

This film also features the best soundtrack out of all of them. Memorable tracks like His Eyes by Pseudo Echo. The kill that follows in this scene is just as iconic as the song. The climax with Melanie Kinnaman is absolutely fantastic with a great kill that ends Jason’s outburst of violent, for now!

Overall, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning is so much fun, with great kills, great characters and a rewatch value that keeps me returning to this one VERY often.