Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

4 stars

Cast: Amy Steel, John Furey, Kirsten Baker, Warrington Gillette, Walt Gorney, and Stuart Charno

Director: Steve Minor

Synopsis: Mrs. Voorhees is dead, and Camp Crystal Lake is shut down, but a camp next to the infamous place is stalked by an unknown assailant.


The sequel to Sean S. Cunningham’s 1980 original is a favourite of mine. The kill factor is increased with more exciting and creative deaths with better special effects and a more rewatchable style about it. This sequel is one of the best.

As always, the plot is the exact same but we see Jason (Warrington Gillette) take over reigns as the killer from his mother Mrs. Voorhees (Betsy Palmer) and terrorise the counsellors of the camp and picks them off one by one.

The iconic Jason look hadn’t been completed yet. He was missing the memorable hockey mask (he gets that in the third movie) but this time opts for a burlap sack to hide his deformity.

Amy Steel plays my favourite character in the entire series, Ginny. She is definitely a match for Jason, she is intelligent and even tricks him into thinking she is his mother. Watching these scenes are so fun because it’s what makes the series so great in the first place!

The setting is a more creative camp, with a different feel and look to it, but still stays true to the original and manages to out do it.

In terms of quality, the original will always be the best in the series, but in terms of enjoyment, this one definitely trumps the first, and a personal favourite of mine.

The iconic score is also very noticeable and keeps the tone dark, and mysterious. Friday the 13th Part 2 is a very solid follow up to the excellent original and one of my favourite horror films of all time!