John Wick (2014)

4 stars

Cast: Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, and Willem Dafoe

Director: Chad Stahelski

Synopsis: After everything is taken away from him. John Wick seeks revenge on the men who did it.


John Wick is one of the best revenge films I have ever seen, which introduces us to my favourite character in a film John Wick. Mainly because of his determination and how ruthless he is when challenged.

Let’s talk about the plot. It seems simple enough, John loses everything in his life, so he seeks revenge against the people that did it. This storyline may not be original or new, but it succeeds in tremendous fashion, with excellent action choreography which is entertaining and badass, wit excellent dialogue that introduces us to the harsh and relentless life of John Wick. We see his struggles as he tries to deal with his life, while also being a deep and greatly written character. He just oozes cool! With a full black 3 piece suit, a black mustang and silenced pistols, you can tell he’s not someone to mess with, and if this is what the writers were going for, they most definitely succeeded!

Keanu Reeves gives one of his best performances in his entire career, and a portrayal that shows passion and dedication. Reeves was the perfect choice for this role. He even looks like he’s having fun in his performance and who wouldn’t?! Killing bad guys with style, not bad?

Michael Nyqvist (who recently passed away) plays the main, slightly clichéd, villain. He has many tropes of countless other villains in other movies. The cliché mob boss title and the Russian nationality, but this is the only complaint I have with John Wick a its an almost perfect action movie that doesn’t feel rushed or dragged out, but finds the perfect pace, that keeps the audience involved throughout the entire duration of the movie.

Like I said earlier, the screenplay is great, which is surprising due to its genre. It’s intense and interesting with great performances that manage to deliver the lines effortlessly. In particular, Michael Nyqvist’s monologue about the boogeyman and John, which is delivered masterfully and tells us everything that we need to know about John Wick, that he’s a man of sheer will and commitment.

I’m not going to talk about anything else because I want you to experience this film knowing as little as possible about this modern action masterpiece, which paired with it’s even better sequel, creates one of the greatest duologies in modern cinema