Memento (2000)

4 stars

Cast: Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano

Director: Christopher Nolan

Synopsis: A police detective with short-term memory loss, investigates his wife’s rape and murder


In this Modern Masterpiece’s series, Christopher Nolan’s films will appear quite often, besides obvious reasons, he is arguably the best director working today, as every film he has released has been absolutely brilliant. Memento is no exception.
The film is based off of Christopher Nolan’s brother’s short story. It tells the story of a police detective named Leonard (Guy Pearce) who has short-term memory loss, meaning he struggles to remember everything within a few minutes. To prevent this, he tattoo’s clues on his skin and takes pictures of people so he can recognise them. He spends his days investigating his wife’s murder and rape with the help of his friend and partner, Teddy (Joe Pantoliano).
First off, Memento is mind boggling. Its shot backwards, so the end is the beginning…and the beginning is the end….yeah…. the narrative is intriguing and well written which, paired with incredible and career defining performances, result in an incredible film.
I’ve seen people hating on Memento because of it’s complexity and because of how the story is told. That isn’t the bad thing, that’s the idea and purpose. To make you think for days after watching it, trying to understand it, breaking it down with watching it multiple times
One of the reasons why I love Memento, is because of how many ‘oh my god!!’ moments there are. It’s just so clever, like many of Nolan’s films, and never fails to impress me!
The cinematography is pretty average, but the story, writing, direction, cast, score, soundtrack and the performance’s all make up for it !!
There is also a twist which is so incredible and un obvious that tie the whole film together in a perfect bow! Memento is by far one of my favourite films of all time, and easily one of, if not, Nolan’s best film to date!